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2022 City Officials


Melissa Mahon: 319-293-3685

Council Members

Josh Cocherell: 319-293-3121

Carol Harlan: 319-293-3676

Twyla Peacock: 319-293-6388 

Gary Kingsbury: 319-293-3269

Chuck Lazenby: 319-293-6255

Council Meetings

The City Council has its regular monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.  They will meet at 4:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.  Special City Council meetings are held as needed in the Council Chambers at City Hall.  By statute, the agenda for each Council meeting is posted at City Hall 24 hours in advance.  

For questions about the city government, call City Hall at (319) 293-3536 or e-mail at

Keosauqua boards and commissions



WHEREAS the City of Keosauqua is responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the City, and

WHEREAS instances occur when a decision is needed prior to council meetings, to act upon certain projects, and

WHEREAS the council is appointed to certain committees for this purpose, and

WHEREAS the City has different boards and commissions who conduct their own meetings, and have certain goals on behalf of the City,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Keosauqua that the following boards and committees be appointed:


  • Water/Sewer: Lazenby, Kingsbury

  • Streets/Curbing: Cocherell, Lazenby

  • Finance/Personnel: Peacock, Harlan

  • Solid Waste/Drainage: Cocherell, Lazenby

  • Airport: Kingsbury, Harlan

  • Safety Supervisor: Dietzman

  • Mayor Pro-tem: Harlan

  • Fire Board Rep: Mahon

  • Keda Board Rep: Mahon

  • Cemetery Rep: Kingsbury

  • 911 Committee: Kingsbury – Alternate: Peacock

  • Area XV Rep: Peacock

  • VB CO Emergency Management: Kingsbury – Alternate:  Harlan

  • Hazard Mitigation: Mahon, Harlan

  • Trees Forever Rep: Peacock

  • Area XV Housing: Virgil Morris - UNTIL 12/31/2024

  • City Clerk: Missy Harward

  • Treasurer: Missy Harward

  • City Superintendent: Matt Dietzman

  • Zoning Administrator: Matt Dietzman

  • Park & Rec: Peacock, Cocherell

  • Revolving Loan: Mahon

Boards & Commissions (6 Year Terms)

  • PLANNING & ZONING: Marie Settles (2025*); Ben Morris (2027*); Joan Syfert (2023*); John Keller (2023*); Gary Lee (2025*)

  • LIGHT & POWER BOARD: Barbara Morris (2026*); Chris McEntee (2028*); Jay Goldstein (2024*); 

  • TREES FOREVER BOARD: Jon Thornsberry (2028*); Rusty Ebert (2024*); Marie Settles (2026*); Gary Lee (2026*); 

  • LIBRARY BOARD: Georgia Brecount (2027**); Dick Breckenridge (2027**); Heidi Bainbridge (2027**); Amanda Maras (2029**); Christina Hedstrom (2024**); Dave Kirchner (2024**); Carol Pilcher (2025**)

*Term ends on December 31st of stated year

**Term ends on June 30th of stated year


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