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Keosauqua is a destination

Platted in April 1839 and incorporated in 1842. The name Keosauqua was derived from Meskwaki and Sauk Indians, meaning the bend in the river. Our town is a unique blend of historic architecture, natural beauty, small-town values, quaint shops and business opportunity.


While the Hotel Manning stands as Keosauqua's best known landmark and symbol of the town's steamboat era, the village has many special features that make it stand out. The Van Buren County courthouse is Iowa's oldest in continuous use and was the scene of Iowa's first legal hanging in nearby Hangman's Hollow. The 1847 Pearson House was at one time a stop on the "underground railroad."

Keosauqua is important

With virtually no crime (and literally not a traffic light in town) Keosauqua is a community of about 1,000 friendly neighbors. Despite its size, it still provides its citizens with vital services. A full-service hospital and clinic, pharmacy and dentist office all operate within the community.


Keosauqua is the geographical center of the Van Buren County Community School District and the site of its junior-senior high school.  Retirement apartments and an excellent nursing home facility offer its older residents a means of adapting to a new lifestyle.

City Council

The City of Keosauqua has a five member council that meets once a month.  Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 4:00 pm at City Hall.

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