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If you're new to the area, these maps will help you get the lay of the land so you can find your way around.

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There's no way we can be all things to all people. Check out the community directory for more information.

Important numbers

Keosauqua, where we have the best of both worlds! Experience the charm of our small yet vibrant community, where you won't find a single stoplight. But don't let our size fool you, because here you'll also enjoy the many conveniences typically found in larger communities.

Keosauqua City Hall
201 Main Street

Trash Collection & Recycling 
More Info   

VB Co Recycling Center 
9032 Maple Av
319-293-3692 [Map]

Keosauqua Public Library
608 First Street
319-293-3766 [Website]  [Map]

Keosauqua Fire Department
Fire Station: 319-293-7110   Report Fire: 911

Van Buren Co. Hospital & Clinics
304 Franklin Street
319-293-3171 [Website]  [Map]

Keosauqua Light & Power 
Electrical service within the city limits of Keosauqua.

Alliant Energy
Natural Gas Supplier
1-800-ALLIANT (255-4268)  [Website

Van Buren Telephone Company 
Phone - Cellular - Internet Services
617 First Street
319-293-3187  [Website]  [Map]

Van Buren County Gov't. Offices 
[Website]  [Map]

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