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If history is what you're looking for, look no further than keosauqua, Iowa

Historic Hills Scenic Byway

Magnificent state forests welcome you to the Historic Hills Scenic Byway which takes travelers on a journey through Wapello, Appanoose, Davis, Van Buren and Lee counties. Following the winding roads of the byway will introduce you to the people and scenery of southeastern Iowa.


The 110-mile scenic byway begins on Wapello County Road T-61 at U.S. 34 north of Blakesburg. It curves southeasterly on back roads past farmsteads near the communities of Drakesville and Bloomfield in Davis County where Old Order Amish go about their traditional ways. A new section was recently added on Appanoose County Road J3T in Moravia and runs southeasterly to the current byway route in Drakesville. 


The route then wanders through Troy in Davis County and the historic villages of Keosauqua, Bentonsport, Bonaparte, and Farmington in Van Buren County. From Farmington, the route goes to Donnellson in Lee County where it ends. Spend a day enjoying the southern Iowa countryside and exploring the quaint communities and unique businesses that you’ll discover along the byway.

Contact Information: Christina Hedstrom, Byway Coordinator, Patfinders RC&D, 304 S. Maple, Ste. 101, Fairfield, IA  52556.  Phone: 641-472-6177.

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